1. ***NEW RULE*** No artificial Noise Makers are allowed at or during any CASL games. This includes but is not limited to Air Horns, Megaphones, Drums, Music and any electronic device that is used to make noise. If someone is using these types of devices at or during a CASL game, they will be asked to leave the premises. The referee is allowed to use a traditional or electronic whistle at and during a CASL game.


Please read and comply with the Governor's Safer at Home Order 8/27/2020.  Please comply with the rules and suggestions of all of the CASL clubs and their cities and counties in which they play in concerning Covid-19.   Please remember that the games are for the children and that we want them to have a safe environment to have fun in while playing the greatest game in the world.  Some of the clubs have modified where the teams and the parents will sit, please comply with their wishes for this season.  

CASL does not recommend that the teams be on the same side of the field as the spectators.  Trying to control parents and others from mingling with the children is a big concern.  Only adults that have had a background check and other requirements are allowed to be on the team's sideline.  You as a club take on a huge responsibility to make sure that only approved coaches and managers are in the same area as the players.  Next spring season CASL will not allow teams to be on opposite sides of the fields.  The teams can easily create social distancing from each other and from their opponents without moving across the field.  Our suggestion is that parents and spectators from one team sit across from their team and the other parents and spectators do the same using the halfway line as a boundary. 



Phil Dillon


Letter from the President of CASL

I want to thank the referees and the referee community for all their hard work and for everything they do for CASL.  I have been involved with this league for over 15 years and I know that it takes a lot of hard work to get these games covered.  On behalf of the CASL Board, we want to thank you for your tireless effort and dedication to this great game that we all love.  I know that some of you referee games in several different leagues, so I have placed some of the CASL specific rules in the articles below this article.  Once again thanks for all that you do.  I also, want to send a special thanks to the CARA group and all of their assignors. 

CASL Specific Rules

CASL Specific Rules

CASL Rules and Guidelines

7v7 High School Rules

Rules for Small Sided Older Age Groups

Rules for Small Sided Older Age Groups